Invisalign Retainer

Orthodontic treatment works by applying pressure to your teeth. The pressure causes the teeth to move through the bone, and the bone remodels and the periodontal ligament adjusts around the roots of the teeth. This can be a lengthy process, and once treatment is complete, relapse can occur unless a retainer is used. After your Invisalign treatment, our dentist may recommend using Invisalign retainer.

Teeth tend to shift throughout life. Biting, chewing and otherwise using your teeth puts pressure on them, and each application of pressure can cause them to move a little bit. By wearing your retainer, you are protecting your Invisalign investment. The Invisalign retainer keeps your teeth in exactly the right position for a balanced, healthy bite now and throughout the remainder of your life. Initially, our dentist may recommend that you wear your retainer at all times during the day and night.

The retainer will look and feel much like the aligners you wore during active treatment. You can remove it for meals and dental hygiene just like you did with your aligners. Over time, you will likely be able to decrease your wear time to nighttime only. Eventually, you may only need to wear your retainer only a few times a week. Some patients will need to continue wearing a retainer periodically for life. However, each patient’s needs are unique, and our dentist will explain our recommendations for you at your appointment.

The Invisalign retainer is designed for comfort and aesthetics. In order to create your new retainer, our dentist will use a special material to create a dental impression. This impression is used to make a 3D digital model of your teeth. This model will be used to create a clear retainer. You will need to clean your retainer just like you cleaned your aligners, and periodically, you will need a replacement retainer.

Let us know as soon as possible if you lose your Invisalign retainer because you will need a new one to keep your teeth straight and healthy. With a retainer, you can protect your dental health and the beauty of your smile. Call our office today to learn more about retainers or to schedule your appointment with our dentist.